Lobero Theatre Production Files (1924-1993)

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This database contains listings for all events at Santa Barbara's Lobero Theatre from 1924-1993, including concerts, plays, films and community events. The database allows searching by production number and title, producer (e.g. Lobero Theatre, Community Arts Association, Music Academy of the West etc.), and the date.

For each production after 1938, the Lobero Theatre maintainted files for each production which generally includes newpaper clippings, financial information, programs. Files for each production can be paged by bringing the box number to the Special Collections service desk.

Productions before 1938 (generally those without a production number) are documented by scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and programs kept by the Lobero. For pre-1938 productions, bring the year of the production to the Special Collections service desk to retreive that year's scrapbook. Scrapbooks are fragile and in the interests of preservation we request that they be handled with care.

Files from 1993 to 1997 are currently being processed by the Special Collections staff and files from 1997 onward are maintained by the Lobero.

Contact David Seubert for assistance in finding materials or to report mistakes and typos in the database.

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